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Bodie State Historic Park

Bodie is a ghost town that has been left as the people who lived there left it after the mining companies folded.


Design, research, illustration, and fabrication of panels


California State Parks



Bodie panels-v7-1-crop sides-sm.jpg
Bodie panels-v7-3.jpg
Bodie panels-v7-6.jpg
New Red Cloud Panel Exhibit.jpg

DPD did a lot of research to visually reconstruct how one of the old mining buildings would have looked.

Bodie panels-v7-7.jpg
Pygmy Rabbit.jpg
Pygmy Rabbit.jpg
Red-shafted (Northern) Flicker.jpg
Mule Deer.jpg
Evening Primrose.jpg

A few of the 48 illustrations done by DPD for the project

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