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Sepulveda Adobe, Malibu Creek State Park, CA

dpd was the prime contractor with the California State Parks Southern Service Center to plan exhibits, research and write interpretive panels, source and procure period furnishings and photos, design and fabricate display cases, and design and install all interpretive panels in 7 rooms of an adobe home, recently restored and empty, built in the 1860s.

Room 1 pano 4.jpg

Furnishings in the main room came from many sources...the introductory panel was installed in a cheval mirror frame, the chairs came from a park warehouse, a gun cabinet was made by a cabinet-maker, the map on the wall was found at the

Los Angeles Public Library, and other furnishings were found in antique stores and by shopping online. Furnishings were kept simple, to replicate the original owners' few belongings.

dpd purchased and refubished
the bed and chairs in-house, commissioned the period reproduction doll made by

Kelly Price, and found the antique bedspread and work bench through antique dealers. The 1880s cradle was refinished by Case-It,

Room 2 leather rope.jpg

To fit the style of the period, the rope for an off-limits area was made by a leather braider in Texas, with hardware made by a local blacksmith.

Room 2 pano.jpg
Room 3 desk.jpg

This small office vignette featured an antique desk and stool, a reproduction newspaper, a scrapbook made by a bookbinder, and an audio program set on a motion sensor that described the trials and tribulations of the residents

Room 6 all.jpg

The kitchen featured a stove provided by the park, handmade period towels and curtains, a calendar from the period, a new farm-style sink, and a table and chairs from local antique dealers.

Room 7 cases.jpg

Display cases were designed
by dpd and built by Case-It, in Southern California.

Room 9 case and panel 2.jpg
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